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What is Free Diving?

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Freediving isn’t just snorkeling at depths. It’s a unique underwater experience where you dive deeper, stay longer, and connect with the ocean. It’s also a competitive sport, with divers training extensively for world records in various freediving disciplines like static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion, and constant weight freediving.

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Our Free Diving Courses

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Dives Guru’s freediving courses focus on safety and physiology complexities. Our insured instructors enhance skills and prevent risks for both beginners and experienced free divers, ensuring safety and skill advancement.This course takes place at our fantastic pool facility at Blue Tree as well as the crystal clear coral reef waters of the private G Beach Club.

Dive Guru - Free Diving Basic Free Diver

Basic Free Diver

Learn basic freediving principles and focus on practicing breathhold techniques in a pool or confined water site.
Dive Guru - Free Diving Free Diver

Free Diver

Your first step toward discovering why freediving is becoming a popular way to explore beneath the waves. No previous freediving course is required.
Dive Guru - Free Diving Advanced Free Diver

Advanced Free Diver

Designed to refine and improve your freediving skills, allowing you to progress slowly while learning how your body performs during apnea (suspension of breathing).
Le Figuier Sailing - Sunset Cruise from G Club

Beach Dive

Dive on the pristine reef from G Beach Club in Phuket
Le Figuier Sailing - Sunset Cruise from G Club

Boat Diving Tours

Phi Phi, Racha, Similan Boat Dives
Le Figuier Sailing - Sunset Cruise from G Club

PADI Courses

PADI Courses and Certifications